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Language classes for adults

Language classes for adults

Our classes take place in the afternoon, on our premises located on CD Loga Boulevard. Our groups are comprised of six to twelve students, placed on the appropriate level subsequent to an elaborate placement test. Our classes take place year-round and are organised in 6-week modules of two 90-minute classes per week, in the afternoon. One module is comprised of 12 classes, plus an individual feedback session at the end.

International House Timisoara has an English teaching experience of over 20 years. As a member of International House World Organisation, the school benefits from the know-how of over 60 years of international experience. The IHWO inspectors visit the school annually in order to ensure that the IH quality standards are met.

The language classes at International House Timisoara focus on a communicative approach of the studied language. The methods we use are interesting and interactive, stimulating the students to express themselves and to think directly in the language they study.

During class, we discuss recent events and interesting aspects of culture and civilisation, enriching the vocabulary and the fluency of our students efficiently and pleasantly. We encourage our students to express themselves freely and we help them pronounce correctly, preparing them for real life situations. Grammar is not ignored either, being taught practically and applied immediately. Our students participate in group activities, they read, listen to, write and communicate permanently, consolidating theoretical aspects and learning rapidly how to put them into practice.

Our teachers are passionate about teaching and are permanently in touch with the newest, most efficient teaching methods, participating every year in national and international teaching conferences, as well as in the seminaries and webminaries of the continuous training program of IH World.


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