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English classes for children

English classes for children

Children who speak a foreign language have an extra chance in life. That is why foreign languages are a major objective in our children’s education.

The Young Learners department of International House provides English classes to children and preteens (5-14 years old) based on interactive and communicative methods, encouraging children to think directly in the studied language.

In order to ensure the efficiency of the learning process, the maximum number of children in one class is 10 or 12, according to the age group. Classes take place once per week and last for 50 minutes for younger children (kindergarten and classes 0-2) and 90 minutes for the others. Classes take place on various time schedules during the day, in order to fit children’s school program.

The enrolment in our classes takes place at our Reception, the parent filling in a registration form. Children who already speak English will sit a placement test, subsequent to which they will be registered in a group which is appropriate for their level and age. You can consult our prices here.

Studying English with International House has the following advantages:

Modern teaching methods: children are involved in games and dynamic and interesting activities, with visible results. The manuals and exercise notebooks are supplemented by audio-visual materials, stimulating children to have an active interest in learning English and become fluent early on.

Teaching environment focused on the development of communication and socialisation skills: in each class, children are encouraged to talk to each other in English and apply everything they have learned immediately. Thus, they do not only learn a foreign language but also the specific socialization, communication and behaviour patterns pertaining to the English-speaking culture.

Immediate results and long-term benefits: children develop all four skills – listening, speaking, reading and writing – at the same time, gaining confidence. The curriculum is created so that children can sit all levels of the prestigious Cambridge exams: YLE (Starters, Movers, Flyers), KET or PET. International House Timisoara is a Registration and Preparation Centre for Cambridge ESOL. The exams can be sat on our premises when at least 10 children wish to sit them at the same time.

In Timisoara , more and more children choose Cambridge exams, both via British Council and in state schools. This experience is beneficial to them, as they get used, early on, to the objectivity and evaluation exigencies of an international exam.

Individual feedback: parents are permanently informed about the evolution of their children. Individual charts keep track of every child’s participation in class, the material taught, the homework assigned and his/her behaviour in class. Every week, our Young Learners teachers can be contacted for further feedback during a set time interval.


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