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Set up in May 1993

International House din Timişoara

The International House Timisoara Language Centre was set up in May 1993, under the careful guidance of John Haycraft – the founder of International House World Organisation based in London. Thus, International House Timisoara has absolutely unparalleled seniority and continuity on the local market. During the over 20 years of existence, we have offered our students a window towards a western kind of education and lifestyle, developing their communication skills, so necessary in the current international context.

In 1995, together with British Council and other institutions in the country, International House Timisoara founded the Romanian Association for Quality Language Services – QUEST Romania . The Association went on to be accepted as an associated member of EAQUALS – The European Association for Quality Language Services, whose members are some of the most prestigious institutions in the field (British Council, International House World Organisation, University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations , Goethe Institut HQ).

Since 2006, IH Timisoara has been an examination centre of the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry).

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IHWO established in 1953

International House is one of the largest, oldest language centre networks in the world. Established in 1953 by Brita and John Haycraft, the network is currently comprised of over 150 schools in 50 countries, on all five continents. International House employs innovative teaching methods and a communicative approach to teaching that focuses learning on skill development. International House has been successfully training English teachers worldwide since 1963.

John Haycraft

Before Brita and John Haycraft opened their English school in Cordoba in 1953, foreign languages were learned through translations and very many grammar exercises. It took months for students to know enough – and have enough confidence – to try to talk in the studied language. The Haycrafts came to the conclusion that the fastest method of learning a foreign language is natural assimilation – the teacher talks to you in the studied language and you do the same. Without translations, using gestures, mimic and symbols to support communication, their method works and continues to be successful internationally.

Aside from quality language classes, International House provides training for future English teachers as well as for management and executive personnel, it creates teaching and curricular materials and it provides language counselling services.

Many of the books used today by English teachers worldwide are created by experts who have trained with International House: Headway, Cutting Edge, Language To Go, Natural Grammar and Fountain are only a few of them.

The International House brand is used only by the affiliated schools who observe the International House standards of quality. In order to ensure this, IH World Organisation representatives pay periodical visits to all the schools in the network, following a rigorous inspection scheme. They assist classes, talk to teachers and students and make improvement suggestions. The Quality Charters that the school must meet are permanently available to students, being displayed at the Reception.

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