Welcome to our English Classes page

Welcome to our English Classes page.

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Welcome to our German language page Welcome to our German language page!

German is the most widely spoken language in Europe and the second most popular both in Europe and in Japan , after English. Speaking German means having more opportunities for landing a well-paid job anywhere in the world.

At International House you will find competent teachers, a well-structured curriculum and a series of teaching methods based on communication and skills.

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Study with us if you want to speak Italian fluently and correctly, improve your chances on the labour market, study in Italy or enjoy the richness of the Italian culture.

International House Timisoara organises Italian classes for adults for all levels of the language – from beginners (A1) to advanced speakers (C1). Our classes take place year-round and are organised on 6-week modules with two seminaries per week, held in the afternoon (in total, 12 seminaries of 90 minutes each, amounting to 24 academic hours, plus one individual feedback session at the end). Enrolment takes place throughout the year and groups are comprised of 5 to 12 people.

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Welcome to the page dedicated to our Spanish classes!

It is one of the main international communication languages and one of the 23 official languages of the European Union. If you speak Spanish you can study, work or travel in one of the 20 countries where Spanish is an official language. Moreover, due to its similarity with Romanian, you can learn it easily and pleasantly.

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These classes are addressed to foreign citizens who work or study in Romania.

The classes are personalised and flexible, fitting the actual requirements of our students. Their aim is to enable the student to communicate in actual, real-life situations in the shortest amount of time. Also, the student will be presented with interesting aspects of the Romanian culture and civilisation.

We provide initiation courses for beginners as well as consolidation or fluency classes, for more advanced speakers.

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