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Classes for the IELTS exam

24-session, 6-week class between February 12 and March 21, 2018

The IELTS (International English Language Testing System) preparation course from International House Timișoara aims to familiarise students with the format of the exam, improve their exam skills, streamline their overall English and teach them result-maximising strategies.


It is the world's most popular English language exam, with over two million tests taken each year.

If you wish to study in English or get a job abroad, this exam will help you meet your goal. According to the British Council, over 9,000 organisations around the world accept the IELTS test, including universities, government agencies and employers. IELTS is the only English-language test accepted for immigration in all English-speaking countries.

How does this exam operate?

The exam is organised in Romania by the British Council and takes place periodically, in five locations in the country, on set dates. In order to secure a place in a given session, the recommendation is to register at least five weeks prior to the test date. That is also when you will have to opt for either IELTS Academic or for IELTS General Training, in accordance with your objectives.

The exam tests the four linguistic abilities - listening, reading, writing and speaking, and the score obtained places the candidate on the A1 - C2 language awareness spectrum.

What does the IH IELTS prep course consist of?

During the 12 weeks of the course you will receive intensive training, becoming familiar with the structure of the exam, practicing the requirements specific to the Academic and General Training modules and developing your English skills required in order to successfully approach the four parts of the exam.

Experienced teachers will continuously assess your abilities, providing customised feedback and strategies in order to successfully overcome the challenging requirements of the exam. All course materials are free, and our administrative staff will provide assistance with the exam registration.

How can I register for the course?

First, schedule an initial test, allowing us to assess your overall English.

For details regarding registration, call 0256 490 593 or register on the website and we will contact you with further details on our IELTS prep course.